"Whatcha doin’?"

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'Cause Thesis-it
© Jayson “bebe ko” Hiquiana 

There’s something exhilarating about putting your heart out on the line. Its like standing on the edge of a cliff for the first time in your life, and looking down out the waves crashing beneath you. You don’t really know what lies underneath the glimmering surface, all you know is that you have hiked a treacherous journey to get to that very spot. Who knows how deep that water is. There is a chance that if you leave that ledge, you may never see the edge of the water again. The tension builds as you look out over the water, weighing all the risks that you are taking when your foot leaves that ledge. You jump anyways though. Why? Because if you were meant to die that day, you would regardless of whether you took that step or not. And then you are falling. Your whole life is racing by in a blur and you are floating. That’s where I am. Not yet to have hit the water, just gracefully drifting into my fate. 

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Forbidden love is a tricky thing. When you fall in love with someone, they are they are interwoven into your every thought. They are a magnet that draws you in to their embrace. 

Forbidden love is a tricky thing. Because when all you want to do is hold their hand, or tell your friends how happy they make you, or go to dinner with them and see what that beautiful smile of theirs looks like lit up by a candle in the middle of the table, you can’t. 

Forbidden love is a tricky thing. You have to keep a safe distance, so no one can see. 

Forbidden love is a tricky thing. Because one day he may get way too drunk and end up on your friend’s couch, desperately searching for you. And after giving in to his calls, you may sit on the edge of the couch so that he can grab your hand. He may grab you face in front of everyone in the room and pull you inches away from his and tell you how badly he wants to kiss you. 

Forbidden love is a tricky thing. Because in that moment, when you are so close to the one thing want more than anything in the world you can almost taste it, you have to walk away. 


(Source: orangeisthehappiestcolour)